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Do you have an older home??

You Need a Green Retrofit...Improve your homes energy efficiency up to 40%, allowing you to purchase fewer solar panels. Use the savings, along with Tax Credits, Rebates and Energy Efficient Mortgages
to pay off your system faster.

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How much money can you get
with the new Inflation reduction act? 

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Weatherization & Retrofit menu  

Add more insulation
Seal air leaks including weather stripping doors 

Caulk windows and plumbing penetrations
Repair air duct leaks 

Add a smart thermostat 
Add LED lights 
Add low flow water fixtures.

Evaporative coolers use about 1/4 the energy of an air conditioner

Heat reflective window film - Heat reflective paint

NASA recomended: 6 plants that clean the air

Air purifying paint acts like an molecular air filter in your home. 

Drought tolerant landscaping reduces outdoor water use by 90%


After improvements you will need about 40% fewer solar panels


Check out our 5 Green Innovations




ENERGY STARFederal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

DSIRE USA.ORGDatabase for State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

GREEN CALIFORNIA: State Incentives

FUNDING WIZARDgrants, loans, rebates, and more 

SO CAL EDISON PROGRAMS: Rebates, contractors, appliances

GREEN RIVERSIDE: Riverside rebates
FTCA.ORG  California's Energy Economy resources

So Cal Gas Company Rebates




Step 1) Schedule your no cost Home Energy assessment. 310-493-1999


Step 2) Together, we will complete the U.S. Department of Energy Home Energy Saver Auditwhich will produce a report outlining the opportunities for improvement.  Click to take a look.


Step 3) When completed, you will learn how much you could be saving with the
new improvements, and how much more comfortable you will be. We will assist you with the paperwork needed to obtain the available rebates and loans. 


Schedule your complimentary Home Energy Audit



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