GoNetZero Green Retrofit
   GoNetZero Green Retrofit

Selling your home? Check out "Green Home Advantage"


Sales proposition #1 Sell the sizzle and not the steak. Start with our GoNetZero energy audit, then add the cost of the recomended energy efficient features to the asking price, and include financing options.
Later, if you have to reduce the price, the buyer will feel you are helping
to pay for the upgrades, making each dollar received in a counter offer more valuable to the buyer.

Sales proposition #2
Create an additional profit. Make the suggested upgrades yourself with available rebates and a green loans, then pay off that loan with your sale proceeds. Statistics show that Eco-Friendly homes sell faster and for more money, so you could create extra profit


Studies show that HERS index score, LEED certification, Energy Star certification carry a lot of weight with buyers. A GREEN POINT CERTIFIED home can sell for an additional 4% to 9% over the comeptition, and you will be living in a more comfortable, healthful environment. Even if you choose not to get certified, your home may already have Green Features, which will increase  your home's value. 


-Less time on the market
-Price premium
-Higher percentage of list price
-Maintains value in a down market

Would you like to get your home a GREEN CERTIFICATION?
WE would be happy to help you in this process

Begin the diagnostic process on your own.

First: Download the: Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Survey Checklist-see Homeowners page 

Step 1: We hire a professional to do Home Energy Performance Testing. 

Step 2: We check for the most applicable rebates and loans.

Step 3: We complete necessary retrofits.

Step 4: We call for the Green Point Rated final inspection. 

Step 5: Your certificate stays with your home, and can be used when you sell


REBATES/ TAX CREDITS for Home Sellers / Flippers

ENERGY STARFederal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

DSIREUSA.ORGDatabase for State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

GREEN CALIFORNIA: State Incentives

FUNDING WIZARDgrants, loans, rebates, and more 



CALIFORNIA FIRST: borrowing potential is based on your home equity

CHEEF: California Hub for Energy Efficiency Financing

PACE -HERO PROGRAM: The loan is based on home equity 

VA ENERGY MORTGAGE: improvements to an existing homeup to $6,000 

FHA 203K LOAN PROGRAM: upgrade existing house-exifinancingsting FHA 


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